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One of the most important widea's services are advertising & consulting.

We say: we care about your income. advertising is one of the most famous effective element.

If advertising joins whit creation & logic can improve your business.

In a competitive market, advertising is an important topic. so there are a lot of advertising company but in widea we try not only with innovation but also with useful experiment and updated knowledge to make your business better.


One of the principled method for selling level is campaigns.

It means that a business, product or a specific topic can grow up.

A campaign includes social networks, printed ads, internet ads, etc  that uses professional technics.

we try to settle a principled campaign for you.


Most businesses need to advertise at some stage - but for many, PR, events, direct selling, email marketing and use of social media will also achieve excellent results.

Online advertising is now generally the most cost-effective and easiest way to reach a large audience; national media publications are losing readership. However, local papers and magazines are still widely read, and some specialist journals can also hit the mark if you want to reach a niche audience.

A good advert might bring in a lot of enquiries, but lead to few sales because it is poorly worded or badly targeted. Measuring the effectiveness of your advertising is absolutely key.

A well-designed advertisement can:

generate sales or enquiries;
improve your company image;
create awareness of your products or services;
get the word out about a sales promotion or offer;
help establish you in a new location.
It is important to decide what your ad to achieve before you start writing it. Remember to lead with a customer-focused proposition - what problem can you solve for your audience?. Clear is better than clever.

As a rule of thumb, only consider using an advertising agency if you plan to spend more than £10,000 on advertising. Typically, agency fees will amount to around 15 per cent of your advertising budget.
Look for an agency that has experience of your industry. Look at samples of their past work and ask whether there are any satisfied customers you can speak to, or testimonials you can read.
Ask for initial ideas to get a feel for what they can offer you - but don't expect too much without a full creative brief.
Whether you decide to do your own advertising or use an agency, remember that your advertising creates an image of your company. It is better not to advertise at all than to have a poorly thought out, mediocre advert that damages your reputation.
If you decide to do it yourself, get as much help as you can from people you know with experience in this field.
If you monitor the effectiveness of your campaign, you will get an idea of how long it needs to run to achieve its objectives.
If you are not getting the anticipated results, tracking what is going on will show you when and how your advertising needs to change. The quickest results tend to come from online advertising.
Advertising should not be used as a quick, short-term fix, only brought into play when something is going wrong. It should be planned to support your overall marketing strategy and to complement your other customer communications.
You should keep an eye on your competitors' adverts, as this can give you valuable insights into their marketing strategies. But don't try to copy them.
Marketing is all about creating a competitive advantage. Just doing the same things as your competitors does not put you ahead of them. Either do better, or be different - but above all, work to your own strengths and don't feel the need to create a rivalry for the sake of it.
It is much better to put your energy into creating a customer offer that is attractive and profitable.

Widea group with the purpose of IT advertising and new ideas was estimired in 2012 this company with experts in diferent topics, gives different solutions to the businesses.

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